Is CKA Ryan Feeling The Strain?

We know he hates this blog, aaww, but bloody hell, the guy has aged 15 years in no time. Whether it was his troubles with Toni, or the fact that he, like all the other muppets, has tried and failed on so many occasions to close us down, who knows?

But man, he is looking old and haggard lately, especially for somebody who is about 11 years younger than me.



Ryan Carr new pic

Mid 40’s Looking Ryan Carr!

Ryan Carr going bald

He has a look of Paul Gascoigne when he’s on a 2 week bender!

Dude, you shouldn’t let this blog get to you, it’s all a bit of fun 🙂

Tally ho!

One Thought to “Is CKA Ryan Feeling The Strain?”

  1. The Crayons

    He looks like he’s been on that programme that shows how you will look in 20 years time if you carry on eating junk food drinking and smoking everyday.
    Except this is a real picture.

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