Apologies For No New Posts

Sorry it’s been quiet on here the last 3 days or so, i’ve not called it a day, sorry to say UK Invasion 🙂

Nope, just been upgrading the UKM studio, so to speak. Four new hard drives added, 3 more monitors and loads of new cabling.

We now have the main 40″ monitor below:


And four other screens watching/recording different casts and different sites:


Still got 2 more monitors and 2 more systems to install yet, but that can wait a week or two.

Now it’s time to get back to blogging and catching up with what’s been happening 🙂

UK Invasion, this is your worst nightmare hehe


Tally ho 😉

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

3 Thoughts to “Apologies For No New Posts”

  1. Ryan

    Why the obsession with uk invasion?

  2. Basically because they are idiots lol. No, seriously, this blog was made for them, and by them actually. After i exposed them on Vaughn, they went crying to Miss Scruffy and got my channel closed.

    No problem i thought, if i can’t expose you there, i’ll make my own site and post about them, so they don’t realise, that by crying to Scruffy, they created this 🙂

    Anyway, once they realised they couldn’t control what i do or say any longer, they decided to go down the route of blocking and bad mouthing their own friends, just for the simple fact that they still spoke to me…lol

    But the biggest error they ever made, was in John Freestyleradio1 doxing a good, honest bloke, leading to the others harassing him on Vaughn. When he left Vaughn to go to Uvlog to escape the bullying, they followed him there and started harassing him there. He no longer casts because of this, but as he left, i promised him i would destroy them, and i have.

    You see, they make idle threats, i just go down the legal route and watch and wait for them to fuck up, then post it.

    Also the fact they i got every single one of their IP’s, addresses, phone numbers etc, they are pretty pissed, because they know that any more doxing people and…well..:-)

    They hate it lol 🙂

  3. Angie2013

    Liking the New set up. looks good

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