Isn’t Assisted Suicide Still Illegal?

I like to consider myself broad minded, i mean, some of the things that a few of my ex girlfriends were in to, i had to be.

But this thing with ShinyPuffyCoat, it’s just too weird to even try and think what pleasure he gets out of it. I was watching him the other day, and you can see his lungs struggling to find any oxygen. But instead of calling it a day, no, he tries to stop the supply of air even more.


I had to stop the recording there, as after that, he decided to throttle himself with rope, and i’m sorry, but that stuff is too uncomfortable to watch.

His brain must be suffering damage every time he does this shit. His organs will just shut down one day, live on cam, and as he seems to live alone, there is going to be no coming back for Puffy.

But i was watching Maddy encouraging him to take it to the next level, and it got me thinking, if he does die on cam one day, which is a strong possibility, will chatters be charged with assisting a suicide?

Shinypuffycoat mad

Shinypuffycoat mad1

 I think it’s possible!

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One Thought to “Isn’t Assisted Suicide Still Illegal?”

  1. Angie2013

    He has a lot of coats i know that.
    i.m wondering if he has had a Tracheostomy as the amount of stuff he wraps round his head, how does he breathe

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