RichUK: Still A Useless Monkey

Ever heard the saying ‘you can’t polish a turd’? A name change is all well and good, but when you are as brainless as Richard Swann, it needs more than a new identity to convince people to spend their time watching you.


Yeah, i’m pretty much sure nobody else could possibly look like Dicky.

But it gets better, not only is our little Richard a new man, he’s now a ‘community’

Richuk 2

And it’s not only the RichUK

Northernmonkey Facebook page

Even his old alter ego is a one man ‘community’ too.

What a man, what a person, what a Dick!

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30 Thoughts to “RichUK: Still A Useless Monkey”

  1. Ryan

    Stop picking on him for no damn reason, he’s a nice guy and he puts on good shows.

  2. Hahaha, tell the guy this idiot and his cronies drove off the Internet that. You are not going to like this site anymore buddy, because we are going in hard on all the UK Invasion lot over the next few weeks 🙂

    1. Ryan

      and for what purpose? Are you that upset about something? I’ve had it with bullies – scuttlebutt’s blog is full of bullies, surely you’re not like them are you now?

    2. Ryan

      and who in the heck did they supposedly ‘drive off the internet??’

  3. People should know by now that this blog doesn’t bully anyone, but it does expose the ‘bullies’ ie MichelleStacy, Roco, Joe Walsh, UK Invasion etc.

    I like to think that we praise the right people, maybe sometimes we get it wrong, and somebody we thought was a nice person turns out to be a nasty piece of work, but that’s human nature.

    But you have to trust in me when i say that the UK Invasion ARE bullies, and like typical school ground bullies, they don’t like anybody standing up to them.

    They have doxed and intimidated just about anyone who speaks to me. Why? Because they have tried every trick in the book to silence me, and all have failed.

    They know that i’m the one with ALL their dox this time around, and like typical bullies, they realise that they are no longer in control, and they certainly don’t like it 🙂

    1. Ryan

      You still haven’t told me what they did. It seems like you are bent on revenge simply because they were talking about you…

        1. Ryan

          It’s the same thing when I confront scuttlebutt about his blog posts and opinions – you can’t back it up with facts. I asked for a name of someone who doesn’t come online anymore because of them like you claimed – you couldn’t give it. I asked you to give specific information as to how they have harassed others – you couldn’t give it.

  4. Ryan, Have you ever considered that people have explained, but you simply haven’t realised? I’m not going to dox the guy who they harassed off the internet, but it’s all documented in this blog. Just search for British Invasion, as that was his casting name.

    As for evidence of others, it’s all here, just use the search button.

    1. Ryan

      Right, well I’ve used your site’s search feature and put in ‘british invasion’. Only one story came up, a story whining that someone else took a channel name someone else had. But guess what, this Andy person didn’t have legal copyright to a name, it wasn’t a registered trademark or entity. So all of this attacking them is because someone else used a name??? That’s very silly and childish.

  5. White Fangs

    Rich may of changed his name but he still has that attitude, quote
    If you want to come along then feel free, If you don’t then don’t !
    Note the Exclamation mark.

  6. I am glad you said that Ryan, because yes, it was very childish. Only, it was your new found ‘friends’ the UK Invasion who attacked Andy, all because he had the name British Invasion, not the other way round 🙂

    But yeah, i agree 100%, it was very childish 😉

    1. Ryan

      You’ve completely misunderstood me. My point was that anyone can take any name they want online, and anyone who whines about it is a big baby.

  7. DiscoDave1888

    Ryan the next time you come in to contact with the cretins of the UK invasion ask them which one of them was the coward who used to come in as a guest any time they seen my name in chat on VL and call me “a Scottish prick”, and issue me with the threat that he was “going to fkn punch my face in”, thus causing me to break down in tears, tears of laughter i may add, i mean all the coward had to do was come in with a different username from his usual one and we could have took it in to IM, but then again i suppose he didn’t have the stomach or the balls for that, and also Ryan while you’re at it ask them did they all giggle like wee girls when they put up their crass childish superimposed videos of my Mrs on their YT channel despite the fact that she was both innocent and unaware of who the UK invasion were…nice guy’s… my arse Ryan.

    1. Ryan

      that was Craig Pannell – he trolls every radio station and says shit like that. You people are falsely accusing the UK invasion. Ask DJ Andy from Twilight FM just how much Craig trolls and how he gets crazy…

      1. Ryan dude, it wasn’t TunesFM, it was the UK Invasion. This is over now mate, it’s just going round and round in circles.

        You are free to believe what you believe, i encourage that, but as hard as you may try, you will never be able to convince us that it wasn’t John Crosby, Richard Swann, Ryan Carr, Shezhad Ahmed and Thomas Barnes.

        They admitted it. Feel free to dispute this, but, i for one, will not be wasting any more time on this.

        Take care.

        1. r

          They admitted it? show me…

  8. That was Richard Swann Dave. He did the same to DJ Boo, said he was going to ‘do him in’ until i let him know that i had all his dox. As soon as i mentioned the pub, the threats suddenly stopped. Weird eh 🙂

    Like you say, they attacked anybody who had the slightest contact with me, even those who had never even heard of Vaughn, like your missus.

    But hey, they are the victims in all this remember 😉

    I implore them to take legal action against this site, because i have every single cast/ Youtube video/ Facebook post they have ever made.

    1. Ryan

      Once again – TunesFM aka Craig Pannell – he’s the one doing that shit, not Rich or John or them…

    2. DiscoDave1888

      Yep Daz, i know it was the Dickster, oh and Ryan you’re talking Betty Swallocks sir.

      1. Ryan

        They haven’t ever admitted to it, people trolled you as a guest and without proof you think you know who it was…it’s the same with scuttlebutt and his screw, everyone blindly accusing without proof, meanwhile I have visual proof Soultrain making death threats and bullying UK Invasion people, and you being in the room supporting it.

        1. DiscoDave1888

          Ryan where’s your proof that it wasn’t one of the UK girls that made the infantile threats towards me?, and do you really believe deep down that the screen shot is serious bona fide evidence of a death threat, and going by the screen shot i seem to be having a good time, perhaps that is a crime in your book too, i don’t know maybe i’m missing something here, but i would be most grateful if you would point out to me where and when in the screen shot i was supportive of what you laughingly call “Death Threats”.

          1. Ryan

            I believe it’s serious bonafide evidence of you lot being jerks and bullies who think it’s okay to make fun of other people. It’s never okay to put someone’s images on screen and have a go at them for your own amusement. That is a BULLY.

  9. Ryan

    By the way, death threats aren’t cool …

  10. Right, i know i said i was done with this now, but a few final points.

    Looking back at that picture, reminded me of how fucking hilarious it was 🙂 Whoever sent me that, bravo!

    Ok, down to the serious bit. If you read it properly, it’s a mock up of an old western style wanted poster. Instead of only pointing out one section, how about you comment on the other parts, that i’ve highlighted in white.

    Now let’s take the girls and Ryan’s insistence that it was a serious death threat. Straight below it, it says that they believed to be hiding out on

    So could any of you care to explain, how you ‘shoot’ somebody through a monitor? As is an online community only.

    Another point, if they took ‘that’ as a serious death threat, and were in fear of their lives, why didn’t they call the Police? Oh wait…they did 🙂

    Let’s just face it here. They tried to bully a decent bloke, who they knew wanted no trouble. Even when he left Vaughn because of the hassle and went to Uvlog, they followed him there and harassed him.

    What they didn’t expect, was me to pop up and expose them, and finish their casting days.

    They have lost every attempt to stop us revealing what they really get up to, from crying to Miss Scruffy, to making up false Police crime reference numbers.

    And before you ask me to ‘prove’ it, dude, this is how the law works in the UK. Recording somebody who puts themselves in the public domain, whether it be on social casting sites, or Facebook or Twitter, or even if they are just walking down the street, is NOT illegal.

    Now if Dicky went to the Police, which i am sure he did, they would of asked him he was being harassed, or threatened. By that, that would mean anything from like threatening calls, texts, letters, to contacting him directly whether it be in person, or via emails, phone calls etc.

    Now since none of that has happened, the Police would simply advise him not to read this blog, and/or stop the social casting.

    The only other possible thing he could of done, is said that what we post is slander, defamatory, or libel.

    But even if the Police believed that, that is not a ‘criminal’ matter, but a civil case. So Dickster would of been told that he will have to take out a civil court case against us. This will never happen for two reasons.
    1-) He lives with his mam and dad above a pub. A pub they don’t even own, they just manage, so the chances of them being able to even raise, let alone risk, thousands of pounds, is extremely low.
    2-) Anything and everything posted about Dicky is backed up with either video, or screenshots. So him trying to dispute that any of it is true, is a bit like Ryderbak disputing an article claiming that he drinks.

    So it’s all what you could call ‘butthurt bullshit. They lost, Andy won!

    This time, i REALLY am done with this. Oh, one very last thing, Ryan, a statement of ” by the way, death threats aren’t cool” is kind of ironic, from somebody who admitted himself on here, that he once threatened to cut a casters throat 🙂

    Tally ho!

    1. Ryan

      Once again, you’ve missed the point entirely. When you act like an ass and whine that nobody else can cast when you do, and get fired from the UK Invasion….it’s perfectly acceptable to track your movements and try to flag or get you taken off a site for whatever reason someone can. You’ve made yourself enemies by your own actions. It doesn’t matter whether or not the threat was serious, it was in violation of a site’s TOS.

      Putting other peoples’ images on screen without consent is also illegal in the united states, where vaughnlive’s cloudfare servers are hosted.

    2. Ryan

      I also need to address your statement that I’m not allowed to out you as a bully simply because I was once a bully. A person can change a lot in over 2 years, and learn a lot about online trolls. Now instead of doing what they do, I spend 100% of my time online finding, outing, and exposing bullies. The fact that you in your last statement had to make comments about how much money Richard has and who he lives with means you don’t think highly of him as a human being. I don’t buy into social class bullshit. I’d rather hang out with a poor beggar than an asshole elitist any day.

  11. Ryan, i was going to destroy you there, but i know your circumstances and i actually believe that your heart is in the right place. So as a friend, just read back those last comments, think about them, then chill.

    1. Ryan

      Your intent to think about wanting to ‘destroy me’ or do me harm confirms it – you have no problem being hurtful to others. If you believe you’re sparing me from some kind of harm you could cause me, get over yourself. If you genuinely are changing and not being a bully anymore, I applaud you.

      There is no getting through to you. I don’t care about laws or site TOS or you trying to skirt around them, there are moral codes being broken by you which stop most people. Not Richard nor John nor Shez nor anyone else deserves to be relentlessly bullied or posted about. You’ve said Shawnio is a great blogger – LEARN from him. Stop making so many references to UK Invasion, widen your content range.

      The fact that you are able to sit around with your mates and make jokes about someone else and laugh about them makes me glad you’re not my friend. You’d end up hurting me.

  12. Angie2013

    Always look on the bright side of life, if life seems jolly rotten then theres something youve forgotten, and thats to laugh dance smile and sing.

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