ACF: Innocence Is Beauty

She’s just so innocent, she’s hilarious. Since her on/off e-romance with Bradley was cruelly ended by him posting pictures of her tits everywhere, poor Raini has been feeling used, and as the saying goes..Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

So, to get even, she posted a link to a picture of his penis in her cast. What followed, proves she certainly doesn’t sleep around.

Warning: Not suitable for Children.

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ACF trashing Bradleys dick

It gets better 🙂

ACF trashing Bradleys dick1

So there you go guys, if you’re thinking of dating AppleCandyFruity, make sure you are circumcised. Otherwise she’ll think you don’t wash it, and there will be no sex for you lol.

Isn’t she amazing 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


One Thought to “ACF: Innocence Is Beauty”

  1. Ryan

    By the time you get around to posting a story, it seems to be old news. She’s NOT so innocent, she talked about sex and squirting…just yesterday….

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