Dicky Dumps Ryan

Well, that friendship lasted. Assuming Ryan’s telling the truth, it looks like the Dickster has had his use of Ryan (RyanHiFi) and realising that his new buddy (remember all the Youtube hate videos they made of him) is getting nowhere in his attempt to ‘stop’ us from mentioning him, has kicked him to the kerb.

Dicky dumps classic eighties

Now IF this is true, and i say if, because Ryan’s acting somewhat ‘odd’ at the moment, then not only does it show what a user Dicky is, but confirms that he does read here daily.

Oh wait, no, sorry. It must of been his friend that comes here, copy’s and pastes all the posts back to Dicky, and that’s how he knows what’s being said… 😉

My personal feeling? Dicky has seen something, and just like with Claire and all the others, his paranoia has got to him and convinced himself that it’s all a set up, and Ryan is working for this blog, hence the quick removal of his new found buddy.

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2 Thoughts to “Dicky Dumps Ryan”

  1. Ryan

    Darren, Karl, whatever your name is….

    That was sent to you #1 not to be made public, and #2 it was in hate when I woke to find him off my friend list and thought he had done it on purpose. It’s all worked out now.

  2. Ryan

    was in HASTE not hate if that’s what shows up in my last comment, I’m half asleep…

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