MrBluesky – Mr Racist (Updated)

This was one of those moments where free speech turns in to pure Racism. Scotland’s very own Alf Garnett, aka Nathan, tells Cherrybreeze that he doesn’t like London….because it’s full of Blacks and Asians.

Fair play to Zoe, she doesn’t hold back with that tongue of hers 🙂




Alf Garnett

Mr Bluesky 1


We have recently received an email from Nathan. Seems he’s not too happy.

MrBluesky email

This old problem again. Sorry, but we don’t need your permission for anything, therefore we will NOT be taking it down. You can contact and they may, or may not remove it. But it will just be uploaded to a private server instead.

You could always Copyright your name. But then again, Copyright Law allows use of pictures/footage for several reasons, so that would be a waste of time.

When the guest asked if you were Nathan Gronan, i did a quick search, and it appears this isn’t the first time you have demanded video’s of yourself be removed is it Nathan?

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30 Thoughts to “MrBluesky – Mr Racist (Updated)”

  1. Trevor

    Is it true that Nathan is the father of (sister fucker) Mark Gronan?… I heard that rumour a few weeks ago and he does look a lot like the Sister tamperer.

    He’s a weird Fucker anyway, everyone in that little group has Pedo tendencies, I’d love the police to have a look into every one of their hard drives.

  2. trevors ego

    Said Trevor to himself about himself.

  3. Ryan

    Well, I know of one caster / chatter that I will not allow in any rooms I go to now – a racist Nathan….

  4. Fact Finder

    Interesting information when you search Nathan Gronan.
    There’s a lot more to this Racist.

  5. PaRaN0iDAnDr0iD

    MrBluesky is simply an Arse,it looks like to me he is one of those types who thinks it is Okay to use the “P word” when calling someone from pakistan and then claims it’s not racist.

    Well tell that to the hundreds of people from Pakistan who through out the decades and even right now ,who are having racial Grief from Racists who use the “P-word” in many evil and damn right disgusting ways.

    And Just for reference, and i don’t need to say this to the intelligent types,but to those who are a bit stupid, or have their head up their own Arseholes , a person from Pakistan is indeed called a Pakistani, nothing more, Nothing less.

    Nathan seems to be one very sick minded Individual, and if i were him (Thank fuck i am not!) I would be Deeply Ashamed about this, and the other stuff that other people have found on the net!

    1. Trevor

      Where is your son Mark, Nathan?

      Did he finally get the jail for messing about with his under aged daughter?… I remember him boasting that he got moved up the housing list because of what he had done and got a nice furnished flat out of it all.

      I also remember him saying that both you and him told his Mum that his little sister was only saying all of this because she wanted a bigger bedroom, you pair of sick fucks.

      If I remember rightly (and this was from Marks own mouth) his Mum (your ex) walked in and caught him on top of her and Marks reasoning was that he had blacked out and fell on top of her.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Nathan.

      Your little group of You, Shitty While and Menellie are all deviant sick Fucks and I hope shit catches up with all of you.

      1. Trevor

        That should say under aged sister up there, but of course you know all the details of that.

  6. nellie racist

    Nellie agrees with Nathan he is a racist to.

  7. amyscunt here is a family get toghter vid of mrbluesky aka nathan talking to his son about when he was done for rape

    1. mr rogers

      its funny they like to dish it. dish it all day. but can’t take it.

  8. justaviewer

    No they do not. Anyone with a lick of common sense can tell there is something not right with either of them.

    1. Anonymous

      I bet your neighbors say the same thing about you, Ryan.

    2. God.

      @Karl. I was just watching Mark G’s video today; “F.A.O the soon to be prison bitch, Mr Chris While of Barrow-in-Furness” video .. and g’dam that stalker is so full of himself.

      Now, you’ve probably heard of DramaAlert’s KeemStar on Youtube that does all the coverage of big name youtuber/twitch drama. This week has been a shitstorm of a guy with a million and a half subscribers preying on someone with mental issues, much like our chris. TommyNC2010 had all those little 14 year old mindless trolls attacking this Tommy guy who was just trying to do his own thing.

      Now here’s the big kicker. Many other large youtuber’s came to “defense” of this Tommy guy and the whole attack backfired on Leafyishere when everyone came to support him after flooding him with kill yourself threats, calls, etc.

      Those supporters agenda’s are all fake. They got free publicity for showing their support. People all over Youtube are talking about him and any big Youtuber who supported him. It just reminds me of Menellie. Menellie cuts Chris down, then supports him, talks smack about him just to get viewers. I just don’t get Stalker Mark’s agenda, why does he be such an asshole for. 5 Years of going on about Von Helton being a pedo, now going on a crusade calling Chris a pedo. Is this a social justice warrior to make up for his own crimes?

      I like Chris. I really do enjoying watching his stupid shit. Let him do his thing and we can joke about it. Fuck off Mark for your vendetta on chris.

      1. Fair comment. I agree with you regarding the threats etc. You can troll somebody a lot better without making silly threats. To me, anybody who thinks ‘death threats’ is trolling is either very young, or retarded.

        But this Chris thing is a bit different, in that with Von Helton and MeNellie and others are are labelled Paedophiles, these are just peoples personal opinions, without any real evidence.

        Where the Chris case differs is, Mark Gronan definitely had access to Chris’ computer, that is a fact even Chris admits. Now this is where at this moment in time, it’s just allegations. But the fact is, Mark alleges to have found disturbing conversations and pictures on Chris’ pc.

        Fair enough, you could say Mark is just making it all up. And while that is still a possibility, you have to think, why would somebody go to the trouble of contacting the Police, even giving them his full name and address remember, it wasn’t one of those anonymous tip off hoax’s some people do, to make a claim that wasn’t true? Wouldn’t the Police then charge Mark with wasting Police time if nothing was found?

        Then we have the Police and the hard drives fiasco. Chris even admitted on cam that he refused to surrender his computer and passwords when asked by the Police. So now they have had to take them by force. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m a staunch privacy activist who believes that everybody has a right to privacy, but if i was was facing allegations as serious as CP, then i would of instantly handed over my computers and hard drives with passwords included and let them go through them, find nothing and bring them back asap. So it would seem to me that Chris knows there’s something on his drives that shouldn’t be.

        Maybe it’s not CP, maybe he has some extremely embarrassing fetish or something, but surely, you would rather be embarrassed by your fetish, than continue to be suspected of having CP?

        It all seems to point to Mark telling the truth at the moment. And if that does end up being the case, then i think Mark has done the right thing in exposing him.

        If it all gets dropped, then fair enough, we can all call Mark out for spreading malicious lies and harassing Chris.

        It will be interesting to see what Chris pleas in the Court hearing in July.

        1. Anonymous

          I agree Karl at the moment there does seem to be some truth in Mark’s allegations and like you said time will tell whether it is the truth or an out and out malicious lie.

          The thing I dont get is that so many people refuse to believe that Chris can do any wrong. The benefit fraud, moronic people are still saying he didnt deserve to get his benefit stopped but excuse me if you are claiming you cannot work because of a bad back that is so bad you can hardly get out of bed or off the sofa in his case then you are seen lifting/moving heavy objects, dancing on sofas and around the room then you are LYING and it is benefit.

          You may not mind your taxes going on lying scum like him but i do. I want my taxes to go to people who deserve them like the elderly who have to choose between eating and putting on heating. No some drunken waste of space who is wasting the money on booze and other items he breaks without a care in the world.

          I know I will get well its his money he can spent it how he likes but it isnt his money and no he cant. Waits for the bleeding heart do-gooders to have their say

          1. Leeroy

            Anonymous above: Some guy with retardation issues, locked up in his slummy apartment every day with nobody, drinking his life and liver away, making his own life miserable to try and fit in with people online providing us with monkey entertainment .. Well, that’s none of your business. If thats the shitty country you live in you guys get taxed for all the stupid shit and that money goes to corporations, BBC, your deadbeat royal family who do the same shit.

            Those tax hungry entities re-invest and are the ones getting rich of all you stupid ass peasants. The chump change allowance people like Chris is nothing. He’s retarded, Mark Gronan knows it, why make matters worse. Look at his apartment, he doesnt have nice things, he doesn’t have car payments, auto insurance, mortgage, supporting a wife/kids, nice electronics. The guy has nothing. Everything he has is junk he gets from Goodwill stores, booze and spending time with online people is all he has.

            There’s no reason to be some White Knight on this guy. If you’re reading this blog in the first place, you’re like the rest of us and find watching people like this entertaining. Who knows, his life may change for the better. Stop casting. And then what. That attitude hurts US. We have nothing to watch. Nothing. I’m the selfish bastid I want to watch him.

            Who are we gonna watch now? Boring old jimmyrizzo in his 1 person channel on Vaughnlive? Nellie’s turning into a jimmyrizzo these days streaming for himself with his shitty music. Guests visit Nellie, but it’s not the same. I want to watch Chris piss and shit himself on camera.

          2. Anonymous

            Cant reply to you direct Leroy so have to do it above you. Shitty does not contribute one single penny to this country whereas the royal family bring in millions each year. Im not a royalist but i recognise that millions of people come to this country just to see buckingham palace and the like. Yes they get a good whack but they at least do something for it unlike people like shitty so it is my business because my taxes are given to him.

            I dont know what country you live in i am guessing the states if so you need to look to your own before critising others. No country is perfect but I would rather live in the UK with all its flaws then live in a backward hillybilly place you seem to eminate from no matter where it is

  9. justaviewer

    The disturbing thing with Mark is there is a trend, now MeNellie is a bit pathetic he’s just a sitting dick, he’s not moving house any time soon, he can be dealt with later on but with Mark, the problem is that the term pedo goes way back with him

    Even before he was arrested and investigated, for years he called VonHelton a pedo. Many did with not any proof or evidence but it was still a harsh name to call anyone.

    He admits trolling Cheryl Gamble. Not only did he troll Cheryl Gamble but he posted pictures of her children, along with Forrest Jamieson on various blogspots, all children were under 10 years old at the time.

    THEN HE GETS ACCUSED OF RAPE. Raping his 14 year old sister who would be underage.

    Now 2 years later it’s Christopher While, what’s the accusation? Same as the others, paedophile.

    For those of you that can’t follow this and i’m getting to the stage where I’m thinking I need to do my own reporting. This is a common trend with this man. This goes back to 2008 and his obsession with paedophiles and even himself posting other people’s children on blogspots and now with Chris While. Why for the last 8 years has this man either been accusing others of paedophilia or been involved in it himself, involved in it to the extent that his own family accused him of it, so much so he’s never been back to the family home since. Believe me when there’s smoke there’s fire.

    That’s why many people don’t trust Mark Gronan. This isn’t a one time thing, this is 8 years of the same thing over and over, this constant fascination with paedophiles and that’s itself is not normal and the fact that his own sister accused him of it in my mind explains everything that went on before it and now with Chris everything that came after it. There’s something in Mark Gronan’s head that puts this subject on his mind. It’s been there for 8 years, for all i know it coulda been there a lot longer. I’m starting to think myself, and only for myself, i think something needs to be done and there’s something not right with this man. This is a common theme with this man and it needs looking into.

    And Karl sits there and comes out with BS like Why would Mark go to the trouble of phoning the police, why would he do that.

    Mark Gronan called CPS on Vonhelton saying his kids were in danger when they were not, called from Scotland all the way to Kentucky.

    Mark Gronan posted Cheryl Gamble’s children’s pictures all over the blogspots with Forrest Jamieson and even posted what school they went to.

    Mark Gronan has happily doxed Chris and does so in his latest video.

    So don’t there Karl and try and make out as if ooooh, how would Mark do this and do that. Mark Gronan for 8 years has happily called CPS and doxed people. It’s a common theme along with the other stuff. And for the nimrod above, you can call me Ryan all you want, i’m not Ryan, i don’t care about Ryan or anyone else in these comments ok. Im not interested in your little games and arguments.

    1. Anonymous

      You are not interested yet you post here all the time

    2. Anonymous

      You are not interested yet you post here all the time

    3. For somebody who constantly claims that there’s no evidence about what is alleged about Chris, you make a lot of allegations yourself, without providing us a shred of evidence to back up what you claim.

      We know about Marks sister and the rape allegation, but we also know that he was investigated and all charges were dropped. But as for the other claims you make, i take it that you have video or screencaps to prove these?

      The thing is here, it’s becoming quite obvious by all your posts that you have a personal grievance with Mark Gronan. That’s fair enough, i’m sure you are both grown adults and you can take care of yourselves. But you are either intentionally or unintentionally letting your personal hatred for Mark cloud your reasoning for Chris’ defence.

      Whether everything you have just claimed is true or not, you can’t deny the fact that the Police have Chris’ computer equipment, they have charged and bailed him, and he is in Court in July. Whether Mark Gronan was responsible for 9/11, it does not take away the fact that the Police obviously have something on Chris, because they have had long enough to examine his hard drives, so why not just return them and cancel the pending Court case?

      Or are you seriously suggesting that they are going to wait till July, bring him to Court, then tell the judge ” your honour, we have done several forensic examinations on Mr Whiles hard drives and they are all very pleasant”

      You are in the UK yourself, so you should know how the Law and the Courts here work.

  10. JustAviewer – Sheryl T Gamble

  11. justaviewer

    Evidence? I know there’s years and years worth of screenshots and video on Mark Gronan and the things he has done and admitted on cameara.

    You cannot deny that 8 years of calling people paedophiles is normal, and what i am suggesting is that the police found absolutely nothing of that sort on Christopher While’s computer at all because if they had,

    they would not let Christopher While walk the streets where he could be in contact of children.

    They also would not let and sit him cast all day long like he currently does incase he makes contact with other minors and tries to arrange something.

    But of course that is all speculation. Be honest Karl, you have nothing but screenshots that can’t even be proven real. If you or any other of these bloggers had any REAL evidence on Christopher While or anyone else for that matter IT WOULD BE FRONT PAGE AND CENTRE for everyone to see. You have nothing. Chris will go to court, that i am sure of, but not for the kinds of things you think. And i think for many of you, you seem to think if you keep repeating the same thing over and over and over that it MIGHT come true, it’s like Cinderella and her Prince Charming, if i keep wishing it then it might come true, it might actually happen.

    And as far as Chris going to prison is concerned. The last time Chris was in court for assault, they kept him out of jail because they knew he mentally, would not be able to survive it. I’m no fan of JStevieo by any means but what he did the other week was a Freudian slip and in his room of trolls he let out his real feelings which is Chris is not going anywhere and that’s someone who works with mentally challenged people. One week he’s calling Chris B.O.B and the next he let that slip and he couldn’t change it and even said himself he told the police that Chris needs help rather than jail.

    That is exactly what will happen again. They will not deem him compus mentus to go to any jail if he is found guilty of anything. It will not happen but by all means you can keep wishing it to happen. And Chris still casts now, if he was any danger to anyone they would have been round his house weeks ago and stopped him casting. You want to know why Chris is still casting? Cause he’s allowed to that’s why and you know why he’s allowed to? Cause contrary to what Mark Gronan has told you, Chris is no danger to anyone at all. The police would never share confidential information with anyone. All Mark Gronan has and all you have is what Chris has told you so what has Chris told you?

    He’s got court in 4 months.
    He’s had his computers and router taken away.

    Anything else?


    And what did you all take from that?

    Chris was warned not to go online.

    They still have his computers.

    He’s in court for INDECENT IMAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s had his money stopped!!!!!!!!

    lol really? It’s like Jackanory. Tell me a story Jackanory. Make it up as you go along lol. Now don’t get me wrong some of you are good actors. You’ve got good imaginations. You should write novels, some of you would be great science fiction writers with your wild imaginations lol.

    But remember Cinderellas, keep wishing, if you keep wishing all your stories might COME TRUE lol. It’s like a high schooler. If i work real hard and get good exam results I MIGHT GET INTO COLLEGE. And then if i pass all my exams I MIGHT GET INTO UNIVERSITY and if i be good and do my very best talking I MIGHT GET A JOB and GET A WIFE and HAVE KIDS and GO ON HOLIDAYS and ILL WORK REAL HARD and ILL DO MY BEST and ILL GET UP EARLY EVERYDAY and be the BEST ME I CAN BE gosh darnit lol.

    Nothing wrong with being a dreamer. The world is full of dreamers, especially here in the UK. Lot of dreamers. Lot of do gooders that wanna do good yet do nothing. Whole lotta dreaming going on but you know what, not many actually do anything. It’s all in their head and it stays in their heads.

    1. Anonymous

      Justaprat you are the one who seems to be wishing that all of this is a fairy tale that Chris is totally innocent of everything. You say he is no threat to anyone but he has been violent to his mum, to his ex’s, in fact he seems to like to hit women oh but of course that must be all made up as well. He is not that mentally challenged when he can operate a computer, knows how to work paypal, knows how to fleece people like you, far from being mentally incompentant i think he is a very clever manipulator and some people cannot see what is right in front of them.

      1. Prince Albert

        There’s a big difference between someone like Michael Jackson who fiddled with many 9 year old boys (who for some reason is still idolized long after his death); and some mentally challenged hobo in his 20’s having nudes of a 16/17 year old.

        I was watching Mark Gronan’s livestream chat today, and just felt disgusted on how evil he talks. It was only him and his fake accounts talking to himself. Shawnio pops in tries to rationalize Mark; saying Mark always makes claims, claims that never happen. Luring people to stay on his shitty channel claiming there would Bouncy Castle delivery.

        Have we ever seen proof of all these claims? Nope. Mark talks a lot of shit. I don’t how anyone can believe a word anymore from the manchild who cried wolf so many times.

        Let’s just say, that chris did have 16 year old nudes. Were they just nudes? Or was their fucking. Was their fucking and assraping of a 10 year old? I’m clined to believe they were just static nudes of a developed woman, and that’s a long way from pedophilia. Isn’t the legal age of fucking consent in many europe countries 16? France? Sweden? Holland? But doesn’t matter. Chris wasn’t fucking toddlers.

        I can remember alot of erotic material coming out of EU from the 70’s/80’s era was just nudes and EU classified it as Art. Really no point getting into this debate. Just people blowing Mark’s bullshit out of proportion. I don’t believe for one second even if Chris was convicted or put on probation for having nudes of Kirstin it would save the UK financial crisis. But then again he probably didn’t have shit. Mark never puts out facts; it’s always… always.. talk.

        I do believe however, that Mark and Nathan’s drive is filled with kiddie porn. They obsess over it, live kiddie porn, that’s all they fucking talk about. If fucking kiddie porn.

        1. Anonymous

          And what proof have you got albie that there is kiddie porn on their drive funny how you say they have and claim chris is incapable of it. He is not mentally incompentant he is conning you all and you are falling for it hook, line and sinker. What proof do you have that chris hasnt hmmm the same proof you have that mark etc have FUCK ALL

          1. Prince Albert

            it’s pretty clear the way he behaves. He often goes into anxiety panic attacks. Gets the shakes and starts his hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm routine when he’s under duress. He regularly expresses comorbid symptoms with his lower lip which is brought out with psychiatric patients. The way his fingers curve when he points and excitedly shakes his hands around like a 5 year old. I mean come on. the most obvious he has no shame. He’ll do anything for acceptance of his peers. The billybob and the beer bottle thing? Money aside, he just tries to fit in. He’s idolized Menellie for along time, and Menellie took advantage of him too. Put a wig on him and filmed him dancing around naked. In those videos of him sitting next to nellie (clothed of corse) he had the expressions of an imbicile excited just to be around someone. And his karaoke skills? He’s not winning competitions over them, but his public singing videos go back many years. He enjoys himself and that’s all good with me.

            I’m not a mental health worker, and neither are you. I’ve listened to him when he’s been around his mom and she’s described many times before how he was as a kid. The guys been mentally clumsy his entire life. Mental Health judged him, just as we’re judging you Mark. You’re a douchebag faggot. Nobody likes you.

          2. Anonymous

            Cant answer below so here goes Prince Albert. Have you not heard him and his mum conspire together about the best way to con the benefits office. She is a con artist herself so has taught her son well. They both claim anxiety & depression and of course the obligatory bad back yet both can move around with no trouble at all. Mum can sits for hours as can her son at a computer so they are both capable of work.

            If you do something over and over again it becomes the norm, when we first knew Chris he had none of these symptoms but careful coaching and hey presto he now has so many things wrong amazingly all things that are virtually impossible do disprove.

            I have no idea about the porn that is something I cant comment on. Do I think he said those things about wanted a gf the younger the better especially under the age of 15 possibly he did but I didnt hear it so I cant say.

            I have heard though him and his mum on several occassions get their stories straight about what to say the DWP and what sort of movements Chris should do while in their company.

    2. I have lived rent free in your mind for three years and even that is a concept far beyond your mental capabilities.

      Now run along and make some new YouTube channels so I can ignore you some more, you dried up old cunt bag and keep your internet war where it belongs – under the bed beside that lubed up rubber horse cock you now call Kev II – The Latex Wonder

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