What The Swatting Hell Is Going On?

All these Swatting’s that have been taking place recently are getting out of hand. Sending Pizza’s and Taxi’s is bad enough, but risking somebody’s life, all for the sake of some lulz is just stupid!

Up to now, nobody’s been hurt, but how long do you think that will last? All it takes is an over zealous Cop, or the victim to be took by surprise, and grab something in all the confusion, and it will be goodnight Vienna!

So far, we have had Randallman, Shawnio, and Warrrbuck amongst others, all the victims of the hoax attacks. The latest victim is FoxmanShawn22. Now considering his Mother has just got out of Hospital, whoever is doing these attacks obviously have no care in the World who they hurt.

The latest gossip going around in Chris’ cast is that Menellie is the latest target.

Menellie swatted?

Although that’s probably just a rumour, as the Armed Response Unit in the UK are a bit more cautious than in the US.

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One Thought to “What The Swatting Hell Is Going On?”

  1. Baboultr

    Swatting is a big thing on Twitch TV It happens pretty much every week on there, So Im not suprised It was only a matter of time Until This Swatting would makes its way over to VaughnLive

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