Singing In The Rain With Chris

Remember the post we made, with FoxmanShawn, dancing and singing in the rain? Well, it obviously inspired Chris to do his own version. The only thing is, i don’t think Chris understands, that the rain effect in THIS video, we added, and Fox wasn’t actually getting wet!

One thing with Chris is, he provides comedy gold in abundance.










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4 Thoughts to “Singing In The Rain With Chris”

  1. Angie2013

    lol he looked like he enjoyed that

  2. Baboultr

    He sang a song and got a shower at the same time! Classic Lmfao

  3. I’m seriously beginning to think that he’s right along, and we should be paying to watch him. When he’s not ranting at people, he is, without doubt, brilliant to watch.

    I’m debating whether to put his ‘hokey cokey’ the disabled version on or not. That had me in fucking tears.

    1. baboultr

      him and vonhelton imo are comedy gold

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