Steeliehead: I Will Kill BoBB Or FoxmanShawn

Dead! Dead dead dead, oh, and your dead! No i’ve not lost my marbles (not yet) but i think Steelie has. Before you watch the following video, remember that Steelie lives on the streets, and doesn’t have a pot to piss in, which makes this even funnier 🙂




I imagine BoBB is already moving his stuff into a Police protection unit. Either that, or laughing till he pees 🙂



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19 Thoughts to “Steeliehead: I Will Kill BoBB Or FoxmanShawn”

  1. Anonymous

    How laughable is this really though?
    I mean here is a man who has only a tenuous grasp on sanity, a man with no home and nothing to lose.
    What does he have keeping him where he is? No ties, he can travel wherever and whenever the mood takes him providing he can cover costs.
    Jail won’t be any kind of deterrent either. A warm bed, three meals a day. Sounds good to someone living rough.
    I wouldn’t push him.

  2. youknowwho

    This should have been sent in a report, it’s a direct threat and his channel would be banned – but I bet nobody sent it in, they just want to bitch.

    1. Anonymous

      Have you sent it in Ryan nows you chance to be a hero and scruffy may just swoon into your arms. Would make a change from having your tongque stuck up hers or marks ass.

    2. secularSENSE!

      lemme get this right , didnt you recently say ,without any reservation that you would NEVER EVER EVER post again here on this blog ? due to it being full of hate , bullying etc etc …why dont you for once ever do what you say ! you have an neurotic obsessional issue on here eh ….namely the ability for others to voice their opinions which moreoften DIsagree with your molly-coddled chubby tubby childlike petty self ….. i once offered you the ability to join into debate in my channel which you almost instantly used to attack and harrass others , when you eventually were booted by a regular mod in my room , mostly due to your harrassment of him , you then flip flopped and began propagating horrendus lies and obscene tales about a child , MY child !! man you have ZERO creds & the ONLY reason Karl tolerates you here is because of the constant self ownage and ludicrous objections you promised NEVER EVER to bother us or anyone with EVER again !! get a LIFE man GROW up [which i doubt shall ever occur ] and stop to think just for once of how you appear and behave yourself, in the eyes of others …. then consider why NO one ,zero nada zilch takes a word you blather seriously or with ANY credibility ! ALL singularly ,solely due to your own words and actions !! naieve petty manCHILD that you are !!!

      1. youknowwho

        Yes, I did – and I though without me commenting that the posts and comments on this blog would become logical and not just full of hate and bullshit. Since it has not stopped and actually gotten WORSE with the lies and BS being spread about casters and Vaughnlive on this blog, I have no choice but to respond. You act like children on a school playground, trying to gang up on anyone who doesn’t share your opinion. Fuck off, and I’ll say whatever I please.

        1. lol, show me one lie on this site Ryan?

          1. youknowwho

            Your ‘Let’s all make fun of Mark Vaughn’ post is gone – but in there you had a bunch of lies. You claim that Vaughnlive is shrinking not growing, that’s a lie. You claim Mark is delusional, that’s a lie. You claim that I’m up to no good when those screenshots weren’t even me in the post, that’s a lie. You make many claims that Chris While is this and is that and should be off benefits or should go to work etc, those are lies without scientific proof – you are not a medical doctor able to diagnose anything. I could go on for days…

        2. Ok, it seems you have a problem defining the difference between lies, and your opinion. But hey ho, lets go through your points.

          a) The lets all laugh at Mark Vaughn hasn’t gone, you just can’t be bothered to look.

          b) Vaughnlive is growing? Why is there so many empty spaces on the top bar then, when that used to be full and you had to scroll along to see them all?

          c) Mark is delusional. He claims that somebody offered him $10M for Have you been on there recently? It’s dead. Completely dead. If somebody thinks that a site that has a dozen casters at best, is worth $10M, then they too are are as delusional as Mark.

          d) Regarding Christopher While. You state that i am not a medical doctor, able to diagnose Chris’ so called Disabilities. Are you a medical doctor that is able to PROVE that Chris has the Disabilities he claims? Or, is that just your opinion, a bit like my opinion is he’s scamming it?

          e) Any more accusations you care to be shot down with?

          1. youknowwho

            Okay Karl – here we go

            a> i tried google search ‘let’s all laugh’ and in google, nothing comes up – so I assumed you removed it

            b> Yes, the website is growing – the people category isn’t the only one on the site, you think it’s shrinking because there aren’t enough drama casts to keep you tuned in.

            c> He was offered 10 million more than 6 months ago, he turned it down. It has no bearing on what’s currently happening. The site is being destroyed from within by trolls and malicious casters – it’s a wasteland of insults. Come to think of it, it’s a wonder people like you aren’t watching those casts because it’s the kind of thing you enjoy. Regardless, the state of a website now has nothing to do with an offer to purchase from months ago. So he is not delusional, he is upfront and honest.

            d> I do not criticize what Mr. While does, I don’t care where his income comes from, I don’t think it’s my concern if he gets donations while getting assistance, etc. When you put yourself in the position of constantly calling him out and saying he can and should be working, then you’re making that judgement call – you’re the one saying to all that you believe his disabilities aren’t real. You don’t have the medical knowledge or social work background which can help a person make these educated decisions. I don’t have to have medical knowledge to say he CAN’T work, I can only say it’s not my business what he does. You make it your business, so you’re being called out for it. How many of your posts about him were full of insults and negative adjectives?

            e> I’ll go toe to toe with you arguing anything you’ve got. Your logic is all controlled by this opinion of yours that it’s your RIGHT as a human being to be harsh about others and judge them. It’s NOT your right. You’re posting OPINIONS not facts. A local city’s newspaper has an OPINIONS section far down the pages, it does not put opinions on the front page as you do. You’re not a journalist.

        3. Anonymous

          Ryan all you do is whine like a little bitch constantly.

          1. secularSENSE!

            is it any wonder his band kicked his ass to the curb , not only a Fugly fuck on the outside is what ive been told …another one of these sad HUGE assedburger types with an online GF theyve never met . al he really is here for is the attention he doesnt ecive in reality .his life is lived online due to being a childish ugly retarded manchild . <—–real talk !

  3. raoul duke

    Listen and understand!That Steelie1000 is out there! It cant be bargained with. It cant be reasoned with. It doesnt feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will NOT stop,ever until you are dead!

  4. Anonymous

    Ryan unfortunately you do go on for days and days and days please just STFU

  5. rhodilia

    lol rip an asshole out with a corn cob that a novelty

  6. DepressedSteelie

    If this gets sent to Steelie’s local cop station he could be in for trouble, after the whole Loveleigh thing he should be acting right.

  7. Dusty bin

    Was watching Bobb cast yesterday for a while, apparently steelie has said he’s sorry for what he said.

  8. raoul duke

    steelie is becoming too mainstream now he has sold out

  9. Special ops- team bobb &lori's horses

    Bobb , was a MARINE! and can kill with a candle and box of matches.

  10. He needs help

    guess what i’ve heard about Steelie is true, he is crazy.

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