SexyChris Returns to VaughnLive

After being told he has a lifetime ban, it was strange to see Chris back on VL, albeit through Menellie’s channel.

But it was just like the old days. Chris drunk as usual. Arguing with Angelstormee, and Welshguy still non stop waffling 🙂


Then Shaine and Menellie disclose some shocking personal information.

But what made this cast even better, was that Theresa was pissed on Nellies chat, spewing her usual hate and bile, claiming that if Jackielee can’t have Foxman on her cast, MeNellie shouldn’t be able to have Chris.

Then once she made a report to Scruffy, she was quick to jump to the crap chat, excitedly telling anybody who would listen, to watch the “fireworks” when Scruff came in…





I’m sure the Scruff must of been trolling fatso, because the following day, Chris was still there casting away lol.

So we had the domestic, the revelations, and Theresa being made to look a fool once again.

All in 24 hours in the life of Christopher While.


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One Thought to “SexyChris Returns to VaughnLive”

  1. The_Maze

    lol that vid, when Angel says you must of shown them that toy chris because they put wtf has chris got that for, lolz,,, she was refering to the chat on here i was having with bosss when chris shown the vibrator that he now has. Spying again are we Angel 🙂

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