CarlosDangerr Returns To The UK

And apart from the climate and interior, not much has changed 🙂

At first i thought she must be living back at her parents, because as you will see, she keeps looking at the time, and the door, as though she’s expecting somebody to come walking in any moment now.

But then as the wine kicks in, she really doesn’t care, and gets so sh*tfaced, her thoughts are more concerned with not falling on her arse.

Then we get to see why she was clock watching so much earlier on, and the drama really begins 🙂

Then, rather bizarrely, her Boyfriend tries to claim he doesn’t know what VL is, and tries to shift the blame on Emma being pissed as a fart on all us “basement dwellers” LOL.

Wasn’t this the same guy she was dating when she was in Korea? If so, how can he claim to not know what VL is? Or even more importantly, how much Emma likes to let her hair (and everything else) down too?

Still, it brightened VL up for a couple of hours if nothing else. Although i wouldn’t like to have the hangover poor Emma will have this morning…ouch!






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